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Home Staging & Styling 

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Vacant Staging
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Occupied Staging

We arrange the existing furnishings and bring accents where needed.

Great for MLS listings & buyer walk throughs.

Vacant Staging

We bring modern styled room furnishings for builders, home owners and investors. 

Great for MLS listings and buyer walkthroughs.

Interior Styling

Our modern styling catered
to your needs.

Great for short term rentals (AirBnB, VRBOs), home owners, apartment models.

Modern Styles to Meet Your Needs

Introducing our signature styles 

Vacant Home Staging


Bring the outside! These biophilic designs mix neutral textures & muted colors!

516 Ave L Bedroom.jpg


Think 'Design & The City ' for this  signature look!  Clean lines & cityscapes create urban appeal.

Occupied stage_edited_edited.jpg


A touch of vintage accents with layered neutrals create updated, classic appeal.

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